how to know if a bed is sturdy

How Can I Be Sure If A Wooden Bed Is Sturdy?

If you are buying a new wooden bed, particularly online, it may be hard to know whether the bed is going to be durable and sturdy. This situation is what inspired us to create this list of ways that you can be sure your wooden bed is going to be sturdy. How Long Is The […]

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Materials used to make beds

Popular Materials Used To Manufacture Beds

Buying a new bed frame can be tougher than it sounds, with so many factors to consider, it’s hard to know what type of bed to choose. One of the main things that stumbles people is knowing which material they want their bed frame to be made out of, so what are the most popular […]

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Image of a forest with plenty of trees

The Importance of Buying Wooden Beds From Sustainable Sources

When it comes to choosing a wooden frame, there’s plenty you need to consider whether this be the style or size. One thing which is often overlooked is buying one which uses wood from a sustainable source. We rarely consider where the materials have come from, however the is a decision which can actually help […]

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The different types of beds

How Many Different Types Of Beds Are There?

When it comes to sleeping, many of us imagine our bed frames as the basic designs we know. We don’t really consider the sheer amount of different types of beds available on the market. Each one has it’s own unique features and can look stunning in bedroom environments. With a diverse range available, coming in […]

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British Made Beds

Why Buy British Beds?

There’s a lot of people who like to buy British made products. Aside from that fact you are buying something local, there are also many other advantages too. One of the main reasons to buy a British made bed is because you will find the quality is very high. While other bed manufacturers will use […]

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The Appeal of Oak Four Poster Beds Custom Graphic

The Appeal of Oak Four Poster Beds

Oak furniture is renowned as one of the most stylish materials that can be used for your wooden bed frame. Four Poster Beds are also stylish, especially with an oak finish, this is because it makes your four poster bed frame look much more unique and can add to the visual appearance of the bed. […]

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What Makes Platform Beds So Comfortable

What Makes Platform Beds So Popular

Platform beds have been on the rise recently. There has been a large increase in the demand for platform beds over the past several years and we can see why. Platform beds have a plethora of benefits to them that you usually wouldn’t even consider getting from a bed, so it’s understandable that they’ve become […]

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Delivery Services

The key to success in any company is your delivery service, if your delivery service is poor then customers will never want to use you again, if your delivery is right the customer will most of the time be happy. Get Laid Beds – Get Laid Beds offer 3 different types of delivery service: Standard […]

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Oil or Water Based Stains for Your Wooden Bed Frame

The Difference Between Oil And Water Stains

Different bed manufacturers use different types of stains for their bed frames. The two main types are oil based stains and water based. There is pros and cons of both types. So what are the main differences between the two? Water based strains are a lot more environmentally friendly, so if you’re one who cares […]

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Wooden Beds vs Metal Beds

Wooden Beds vs Metal Beds

One of the most frequently asked questions, when someone plans on buying a new bed is whether they should purchase a wooden bed frame or a metal bed frame. There are both pros and cons to each type of bed, but we’re here to help you find the right one for you. Wooden bed frames are […]

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