how to know if a bed is sturdy

How Can I Be Sure If A Wooden Bed Is Sturdy?

If you are buying a new wooden bed, particularly online, it may be hard to know whether the bed is going to be durable and sturdy. This situation is what inspired us to create this list of ways that you can be sure your wooden bed is going to be sturdy. How Long Is The […]

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popularity of designer wooden beds

Why Are Designer Wooden Beds So Popular?

Designer wooden beds are becoming increasingly popular recently, with large amounts of people searching for a bespoke product, or something personal to them that is modern and stylish. Companies are now aiming to create designs that are contemporary, and fit well with the current fashion trends. A tendency for consumerism and the need to have […]

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Custom Graphic For Oak Wooden Bed Frames

Why The World Loves Oak Wooden Beds

Your bed is a very important piece of furniture, no matter what bed you buy it always needs to look modern, elegant and needs to be of very high quality. Many people neglect their choice of bed, as long as they can sleep in it they don’t care what it looks like. However, in more […]

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handmade beds vs factory beds

Handmade Beds vs Factory-Stored Beds

When buying a new bed frame, price tends to be a very influential factor before making the purchase. The reason that the large corporations can get away with charging such low prices is because the majority of their goods are just mass produced and then stored in their factory until the consumer orders it. This […]

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