can you sleep better with pets?

Do Pets Help You Sleep Better?

Almost everybody has a pet. In the US, there’s up to 176 million cats and dogs in total, and that’s not counting the strays! That 176 million figure doesn’t even cover animals other than dogs and cats, so you can only imagine how big that figure actually is. Each person’s reason for having a pet […]

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is power napping real

Does Power Napping Really Work?

It is believed that napping helps us recharge. We tend to take naps after a long day at work or after consuming a heavy meal. It is also believed that the ideal nap time is between 15 – 30 minutes. But just how true is this? We have carried out research into whether power napping actually […]

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Tips to sleep whilst flying

7 Tips To Sleeping On Planes

Sometimes getting to sleep in a place that isn’t your bed can be much more hassle than it needs to be. If you are businessman that regularly travels via plane, it is important that you are able to get vital hours of sleep. Avoid Drinking Caffeine We all that caffeine is a stimulant, designed to […]

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Research Suggests Cleaning Your Room Can Improve Your Mood

When your bedroom is dirty and there’s tons of washing that needs doing and you have a ton of rubbish taking up valuable floor space. It can leave you feeling unmotivated and even depressed. But a clean bedroom that smells fresh? Much more appealing and has the power to improve our mood. But it’s getting […]

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Power Napping May Help You Stay More Productive For Longer

Naps help us to recharge, they are most effective after a meal, eg. just after lunch or dinner time. The ideal nap time is between 15 – 30 minutes, this then allows you to wake up feeling refreshed as this resets your system and get a burst of alertness. That’s what most people really need […]

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Sleeping Apps For Sleep

Do Sleep Apps Really Work?

We live in an era in which technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which does actually have a benefit to our everyday life. Mobile phone applications are highly useful (they do have uses aside from just gaming), sleeping apps have been designed to aid you when getting to sleep. But do the actually work? […]

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It has been proven that those who exercise on a regular basis will be more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Harry L

Studies also show that increased exposure to light can also lead to health issues such as depression

Jonathan Barrow
Maximise Your Baby's Sleep

Tips To Help Maximise Your Baby’s Sleep

Some babies will sleep through the whole night, while others will wake up at various points. With them being so young, it’s vital that they get as much sleep as possible. Here are our top tips to help you maximise your baby’s sleep. A great start to your baby getting the right amount of sleep […]

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How To Prepare Your Body For A Lie In

If you’re hardworking like most people and tied into your job then a lie in doesn’t come around that often. When the opportunity arises you need to ensure that you prepare your body for it. Normally it’s a 6 am start but sometimes at the weekend on a Sunday morning, you may get a lucky […]

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