6 Freaky Things That Happen During Your Sleep

We all spend a massive part of our lives sleeping. It seems a fairly simple task, but you may be surprised to hear some of the freaky things that can happen during the time you’re asleep in bed. The feeling of falling: It’s highly likely that this is a feeling we’ve all had. This usually […]

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Increased Risk Of Illnesses For Short Sleepers?

Most adults need 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night and are unable to function well if they are getting less than 6 hours sleep. But a small percentage of adults are short sleepers. This means that they actually feel alert and refreshed even after getting less than 6 hours sleep per night. Short […]

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The causes of nightmares

What Causes Nightmares?

When you wake up terrified from a disturbing nightmare, you might think you’re the only adult who has them. Although adults are supposed to outgrow nightmares, they are more common among children, but 50% of adults actually have occasional nightmare. Roughly 5% of adults suffer from recurring nightmares. Nightmares can be disturbing or upsetting. This […]

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Investigating Common Sleeping Disorders

It’s a scientific fact that most of us will experience some form of sleeping issue in their lifetime. But how can you tell whether it’s a common sleeping disorder, or just a poor night’s sleep? At Guide Me To Bed we have decided to investigate into these common sleeping disorders to help you in the […]

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