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How Long Can We Go Without Sleep?

Many of us struggle to go a night without sleep, mainly because we are so used to getting our 7/8 hours of sleep every day. We have sleep schedules that we tend to stick to in order to prevent us from suffering from sleep deprivation throughout the day. But what is the record for the […]

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Strange Sleep Superstitions From Around The Globe

Strange Sleep Superstitions From Around The Globe

Sleep superstitions vary all around the world. From the effects of having a mirror placed directly opposite your bed to wearing hats in bed. Here at Guide Me To Bed, we have gathered our top 5 strange sleeping superstitions from around the globe. Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Getting up or […]

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Myths about sleeping

5 Monumental Myths About Sleep

There are several common myths about sleep. We hear them frequently and sometimes often experience them. Some people categorise them as “Old Tales”, but there are other times in which incorrect information can be serious and even dangerous. To Function Best You Need 8 Hours Sleep There is nothing important or special about that number. […]

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weird sleeping positions

4 Weird and Whacky Sleeping Positions

Many people have various ways in which they sleep, that can reveal a lot about who they are whilst conscious. The shocking thing is that many studies have been performed by professionals in which specific personality traits have been linked to their sleep patterns. But what exactly are they? Here at Guide Me To Bed […]

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facts about yawning

Top Facts About Yawning

Yawning is an activity that occurs in most vertebrates. It can either be a sign of boredom, or just an attempt for your body to regulate itself. Here are the top facts Guide Me To Bed has found out about yawning. There’s actually two different categories of yawn! The first is called spontaneous yawning. Yawns […]

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30 Fun Facts About Sleep

At Guide Me To Bed, we’re always finding out interesting facts about sleep, so we thought we would share a selection of those that we’ve gathered together with you. Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep. Our brains are more active when we are asleep than when we are awake. Queen Size Mattresses […]

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Using Social Media at Night

Social Media And It’s Effects On Sleep

Everybody has a social media account somewhere. It’s almost impossible not to have on these days. Everybody uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Nobody wants to be without them, but at the same time we all know they’re a curse. This addictive phenomenon has ensnared the entire globe and people can’t get enough of […]

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Image of scary forest

What Are Night Terrors And Why Do They Occur?

As a child many of us have suffered from nightmares and night terrors. But did you know, they’re two completely different things? The blog will explain what a night terror is, why they occur and what can be done. A child suffering from night terrors may scream in panic and not even recognize you as […]

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