Modern Day Bed Uses

Uses of Modern Day bed Frames

Modern day bed frames take their inspiration from a culmination of design, innovation and creativity that spans over 2 millennia, starting back when the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans walked the earth. Day beds were originally used for sitting and reclining, often in ancient Greek pottery you will see imagery of people on early day […]

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5 Reasons Day Beds Are Convenient Guest Bed Solutions

When it comes to decorating your guest bedroom, we would highly advise that you consider a Day Bed. Day Beds offer a unique twist on the traditional bed frame, this is because this type of bed can be used as a sofa/couch during the daytime yet it can be used as a bed in the […]

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Multipurpose Convenience Thanks To Day Bed Frames

There are many different styles of bed frames available to buy on the market. One kind which is often overlooked is day beds. These are designed to be placed against a wall and are usually higher than other frames. They also hold a clever dual purpose of being both a sofa and a real bed […]

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Benefits of Inset Bed Frames

Bed frames differ in so many different ways. First there is the material they are made from. Whether this be wood, metal or something else. Then there is their style. There‚Äôs traditional designs, four posters and low beds. But have you ever heard of floating beds? With a clue in the name, these beds give […]

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Image for Popular Types of Hardwoods Used For Beds

Popular Types of Hardwoods Used For Beds

Wooden bed frames can come in a variety of different finishes, softwoods tend to be a cheaper alternative, whereas hardwoods are much more luxurious and therefore a more expensive finish. Oak is the finish of choice for many bed buyers, as it is a very prestigious type of hardwood. Hardwood trees tend to take at […]

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staining your bed

Staining On Your Wooden Bed Frame

If you want to add a unique touch to your bed to make it stand out more, you can get staining on your wooden bed frame. This is more common for those that go with a Pine finish rather than a hardwood finish. Getting staining on your wooden bed frame allows you to bring some […]

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