We all know that enough sleep is incredibly important to our well-being We’re always told this. But why exactly is it so precious? We investigate into the things that make getting enough sleep very important.


Probably the main reason is of course it helps to refresh us. How often have you gone to bed not feeling great, but have woke up feeling so much better in the morning? If we don’t get enough sleep it can lead to us waking up in a bad mood for the day ahead. During this stage of getting refreshed.

Be ready

Sleep also ensures that we’re ready for the working day. Without enough sleep our reaction times and ability to work can be greatly affected. Your concentration levels are reduced and you may find yourself getting headaches throughout the day. This means that we may even fall asleep on the job or worse, be in a car accident due to our slower reactions.


It may come as a surprise, but sleeping enough has been found to be linked to slimming. It’s though those who get less than 7 hours may gain more weight. It’s thought this may be because those who don’t get enough sleep have increased level of ghrelin. This is a hunger stimulating hormone.

Boost Immunity

Getting the right amount of sleep has even been linked to boosting your immunity. A lack of it can has been linked to making you less able to fend off nasty bugs. If you’re always getting the bugs going around than it may be down to a lack of sleep.

Final words

If you feel you’re not getting enough sleep then we have plenty of guides to help you. Our sleep tips page is designed to make sure you’re getting the most sleep possible.


I’m 28 and I work as an Internet Marketer and blog writer. I have been working in the bed industry for years and enjoy writing about my experiences. My hobbies include photography as well as writing in my spare time.

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