Everyone sleeps a little differently and everyone has things they do to make their night’s sleep comfortable. However, one of the biggest issues people have, both in hotter and colder countries is regulating their temperature while they sleep. Humans are endothermic homeotherms, which means they automatically regulate their own core temperature. Research has actually found that the part of your brain that regulates temperature turns off while you sleep, and that due to the gradual reduce in temperature over the course of the night it’s actually easier to fall asleep if you’re feeling a little cooler due to the relation between temperature change the preparation the body makes for sleep.. This may be quite contradictory considering the large majority of people prefer to be toasty when dozing off. However, that’s a difference between reality and preference. The reality is regardless of what temperature you prefer to be when you’re trying to get to sleep, it will be easier for you to do so when you are a little bit chilly.

One method of regulating your temperature when you’re asleep would be to carefully decide what amount of coverage you want from blankets/duvets/etc. In relation to what your personal preference is. Of course, this can prove quite a challenge if you’re an active sleeper. If you wriggle and/or move around a lot when you’re asleep the desired level of coverage simply won’t stay where it’s meant to and you’ll be left either feeling far too hot or far too cold. Unfortunately, this method only truly works if you stay quite still while you sleep. Not sure whether you move a lot in your sleep? Make a note of the position that you’re falling asleep in. If your position is drastically different when you wake you know you’re a wriggler.

Another way to regulate your temperature during sleep is to use a hot water bottle. They may seem like an outdated and out of fashion implement but they’re certainly still doing their job. Having a hot water bottle will help you to keep your shell (external) temperature slightly raised over the course of the night instead of it dipping to such low heights.


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