Do you go to sleep dreading about hearing that alarm clock ring, do you always hit snooze and stay in bed that little bit longer that you are late for work? Although you may not think it, it is so important that you set yourself a solid morning routine, this way you know exactly what time to wake up and know exactly what you are doing when you wake up, meaning that your body will adjust itself and get used to this routine. Here are some steps you should take to set a good solid morning routine:

Go To Sleep At A Reasonable Time

Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, whether it’s a myth or not the more hours the better. Don’t go to bed then spend hours on your computer or phone, if you have television shows on late that you need to watch, record them and watch them another day. Not only will you feel better but you will get rid of them dark circles under your eyes.

Do Some Exercise

Doing exercise first thing certainly wakes you up. Rubbing your palms against each other and placing them on your eyes, and back of your neck works well. This will help you activate the pressure center and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Refresh Your Skin

When you walk into the bathroom in the morning and see dark circles and tired eyes staring back at you. Splashing Ice cold water onto your face to wake yourself up is a great way to shock your body into waking you up. It’s also a good time to wash your face and make yourself look even better during the day.

Try Waking Up At The Same Time

Even on Saturdays you should still try and wake up at the same time, because your body will have a good rhythm and know when you should wake up. Your body needs a chance to adjust to the time that you wake up, if you waking up at the same time everyday, you are a lot less likely feel tired or dead.


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