In today’s era, practically everybody has a mobile phone, although they are one of the most useful devices in modern history, they are also one of the biggest distractions.

Using your mobile phone at night can have several effects on your health. Firstly staring at a bright screen whilst in a dark room can have a negative impact on your eyes and can lead to sight issues in the long run. Along with this using your phone late into the night can lead to over stimulation of your brain, which can have an effect on the time that it takes you to fall asleep as it will result in it taking longer for you brain to settle back down.

It’s important to ensure that during that vital hour (the hour before you go to sleep), that you relax your mind and try to avoid straining your eyes etc. The best ways to do this are so perhaps read a book or watch a calm television show. This is because watching a television show doesn’t require as much concentration as using a mobile phone to alter between different social media platforms and watching videos on your phone. The screen of the television will be further away, meaning that your eyes aren’t straining as much as when you have the mobile phone directly in your face.

You should make sure that everything on your to-do list via your phone has been done before you go to bed as you don’t want to suddenly remember that you forgot to send an important email as you lay in bed at night. The key to getting a good night’s sleep is to relieve your mind and rid your mind of stress.

So next time you go to bed make sure that you put away your mobile phone and tablet device and try to relax your mind instead of stimulating your mind through social media etc.


24 and living in London. Production manager within the bed industry. I have a strong passion for beds and football. In my spare time I love going on long car journeys around Europe with my lovely wife, Cara.

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