Some babies will sleep through the whole night, while others will wake up at various points. With them being so young, it’s vital that they get as much sleep as possible. Here are our top tips to help you maximise your baby’s sleep.

A great start to your baby getting the right amount of sleep is to help the learn the different between day and night, and the events associated with these times. They should understand that during the day is for play, but by night they should be sleeping. During the day, your baby should be exposed to a lot of like and everyday noises. By night, lighting should be lowers, your voice should be calm and it’s important to avoid playing with your baby. Doing this at an early stage can help them to realise there’s a difference between day and night time. It really won’t take long for this to happen.

A great practice we recommend getting your baby into a routine in which they learn. This is an excellent step as once they learn they’ll begin to know when time for sleep is. An example of this is to bath your baby, put them into their night clothes, and then to bed with the light off. We recommend you trying to get your baby to sleep in their cot without rocking them or cradling. This is because getting them to sleep in the future may become more difficult as they’re used to sleeping in your arms.

Another common area which parents are unsure on is where should their baby sleep. For the first 6 months or so we suggest that they sleep in the same room as you. Whether they’re doing this during the day, or night. This is most likely to occur within the first few months as your baby may only sleep with you around. After the first 6 months, your baby will begin to sleep without you. A great practise is to begin to comfort them just before bed during this time.


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