While some of us can get straight to sleep, a select percentage of us have trouble drifting off. There’s so much more to consider than you might think. Watching TV for example really isn’t the best idea! Music, however, can seriously help you to relax after a long day. The one placed within this article is one of our suggestions, however, many others exist around the internet.

At Guide Me To Bed, we were curious about the facts and what does and doesn’t help sleep, so have gathered some key information to help you.

How to Sleep Better

Take a warm bath before bed:
Taking a lovely warm bath just before bed can help you just before bedtime. The warmth of the water will help your muscles relax, and prepare your body for sleep. Doing this not long before bedtime is a great way to increase your chances at a great nights sleep.

Pur your phone away:
It’s so tempting, we know. A quick browse on social media, maybe even playing a game, but it’s terrible for us right before bed! Screens on our favourite devices emit blue light, which makes us more altert and awake, which can make sleeping all that more difficult. We suggest an hour before you go bed to wind down with no screen time. Seriously, you’ll thank us for it!

Ensure your bedroom is dark:
While this might sound obvious, it’s actually incredibly important. You see, our bodies are very clever. Light is a key sign to our body on when it is and isn’t time to sleep. If your bedroom is too light (perhaps from the lamps from the street) then it is important to make sure your room is as dark as it can be. They say, realistically, once your eyes have adjusted once your lights are off, it shouldn’t be possible to clearly make out the objects around your room.

Be careful what you’re eating and drinking before bed:
Who doesn’t love a nice warm coffee before bed? While it might seem like a nice, relaxing idea, it is most likely taking the opposite effect on your body. Coffee will make you more alert and less relaxed.




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