Drifting off to sleep can often be a difficult task. The problem can often be the way we go about trying to do this. If you find that you’re having this problem then today’s guide will be helpful for you. We take a look into the top ways of getting a better sleep every night.

Avoid Caffeine

If you are someone who likes to have a coffee right before bed then this could be the reason you are struggling to sleep. Coffee has a high amount of caffeine in which is a stimulant. This can make it harder to relax, which makes getting to sleep more difficult. Cutting this out as a drink a couple of hours before bedtime will hopefully help you find it easier to get to sleep.

Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed

As tempting as it is, eating a large takeaway right before bedtime could be taking a negative impact on your sleep pattern. This heavy meal will sit in your stomach as you are trying to get to sleep which can sometimes keep you awake. We suggest not eating large meals within a few hours of hitting the hay.

Don’t Use A Mobile Phone In Bed

We’re all guilty of going on our mobile phones as we sit up in bed at night. While this seems such common practice, this could actually be the reason you’re struggling to get to sleep. The light from such devices can keep your brain more active, which makes it a lot harder to relax.

Check Your Bedroom Environment

Another reason you may be finding it harder to sleep is because your bedroom setting isn’t set for sleep. You need to ensure your bedroom is dark enough for sleep, not too noisy and the correct temperature. If your bedroom is getting lit up by the street lights, it’s recommended that you use blackout curtains. For those who have a room which is too noisy, we suggest using ear plugs or even a white noise machine.


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