Finding the right bed can be hugely beneficial for helping you to get the perfect night’s sleep. Each segment of your bed can have a colossal impact on how you get to sleep, from the comfort of the mattress to the thickness of the duvet to the type of pillow that you use. On average it should take you between 10-15 minutes to get to sleep, so if it’s taking longer than that then maybe you need to consider changing your bed.

Bed Frames

The bed frame itself will come down to a matter of preference, whether you go with a low bed frame; four poster bed; standard height bed frame; day beds or platform beds. We can’t exactly tell you which bed frame is the best to help you get to sleep as that will come down to personal preference as well as the space that you have in your bedroom as platform beds; low beds and day beds tend to be more popular in smaller rooms or attic/loft spaces. Then again, you can’t go wrong with a standard height bed frame as they are the most popular type of bed frame in the world.


We would highly advise you to not go with a pillow-top or a one-sided mattress, they may be comfy in the short run but they aren’t designed with longevity in mind. Memory Foam or Latex mattresses are our personal favourites as they are very beneficial for those suffering with back pain, they mould to support your body shape, providing maximum levels of comfort. Open Coil and Pocket Sprung mattresses are another wise choice for a mattress although they are slowly decreasing in popularity due to the rise in demand for Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses.


A common problem that people have is knowing which tog rating to go with and what the tog rating actually means. Basically the lower the tog rating, the thinner the duvet is, therefore the higher the tog rating, the thicker the duvet is. This can be a very influential factor when purchasing your duvet and can have an impact on how well you get to sleep. Ideally you’ll want a low tog rating during the summer months as you’ll want a thin duvet or perhaps even no duvet will be used during the summer. Then in the winter you’ll be wanting a high tog rating in order to keep warm during the blistering cold winter months.


Pillows are a very important factor to getting the best night’s sleep. Some people have over 6 pillows on their beds! Ensuring that they have the maximum level of comfort for their head and neck area. There’s a range of different materials for pillows though so choosing the right material can be a challenge. Hollowfibre is a fairly standard choice as it is a reasonable price and it does the job. But alternatively Goose Feather; Microfibre and Memory Microfibre are popular choices but they are slightly more pricey than Hollowfibre pillows. We personally prefer the Goose Feather pillows as they provide the perfect level of comfort. For those that have a particularly large pillow budget, you may want to look into Hungarian Goose Down pillows, they are arguably the most comfortable pillows that money can buy, but of course that is reflected in their price tag.

Bed Linen

Linen isn’t too complicated but it can be quite costly as it’s recommended that you replace your linen every six months in order to maximise freshness and comfort. We would highly advise that you go with 100% pure cotton bed linen as this is the best option for comfort and elegance. It’s also much easier to wash than other materials as well as being much more natural and of a higher quality, therefore if you’re purchasing bed linen, we believe that pure cotton is the way to go.


The choice of bed frame will come down to a matter of preference as well as space in your bedroom. We would recommend that you go with a Memory Foam or Latex Mattress, although Open Coil and Pocket Sprung are still relevant mattress types. When you choose the duvet that you want, make sure to consider the tog rating and choose the tog rating that will be ideal for you as you don’t want a tog rating of 13.5 during the summer! Goose Feather pillows are our personal favourite type of pillow, or Hungarian Goose Down pillows if you have the money for that level of luxury. When it comes to bed linen, you will want to go with 100% pure cotton linen as it is essential for maintaining freshness and comfort. Combine all of these different elements and you should have the perfect bed to help you get the best night’s sleep imaginable.

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