When your bedroom is dirty and there’s tons of washing that needs doing and you have a ton of rubbish taking up valuable floor space. It can leave you feeling unmotivated and even depressed. But a clean bedroom that smells fresh? Much more appealing and has the power to improve our mood. But it’s getting to the stage in which your room is clean which is the strenuous part.

A lot of people tend to find that it’s the getting started which is the tough part when it comes to cleaning your bedroom. But as soon as you start it’s as if our mood picks up. Perhaps it’s the sense of accomplishment and the burst of energy that we get from tidying. The enjoyment of having our bedroom back the way we like it. But it’s true that after cleaning, we feel much more energised and uplifted.

Some of the best ways to make the process of cleaning your bedroom a bit more enjoyable is to listen to music. Ideally motivational music as this can lead to an increase in your motivation, therefore you can then tidy at a much faster rate as you will feel more driven to get the work done.

Another top tip when it comes to tidying your bedroom is to avoid having a break as this will just lead to procrastination.

Another good idea is to turn off your mobile phone whilst cleaning as this will just lead to you getting distracted as you try to clean your bedroom. Mobile phones are one of the most distracting devices around, therefore turning it off should prevent any temptation.

It is also important to eat before cleaning your bedroom as if you decide to go on a lunch break, it can then be hard to get back into the flow of cleaning. Therefore by eating before you start cleaning, it can make you much more focused on the task at hand.


24 and living in London. Production manager within the bed industry. I have a strong passion for beds and football. In my spare time I love going on long car journeys around Europe with my lovely wife, Cara.

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