Struggling to get to sleep at night? If you find yourself tossing and turning for hours, battling to get to sleep, it may be your bed frame or mattress. Quite often, people are sleeping on an old uncomfortable bed or the wrong mattress. The results in a poor night’s sleep and can even cause waking up with back pain.

An Old Bed

If your bed is getting on, then it may not be offering the support it used to do. It’s important a bed is sturdy and doesn’t move during sleep. A bed which isn’t offering proper support may mean you’re left with back pains due to the movement. If you’ve had your bed frame many years then it may be time to buy a new one. We have many helpful guides on our website if you’re after a bed buying guide.  

The Wrong Mattress

Even after people buy a brand new bed, they can be left wondering why their night’s sleep is still an uncomfortable one. The reason is often due to their choice in mattress. We all have our own personal preferences, whether this be a memory foam choice or one which offers a firmer sleeping surface. The wrong mattress choice can also cause back and join pain. For advice on making the right decision we have many mattress buying tips.

Final Thoughts

While often your mattress and bed choice can be an effect on your sleep, you should consider a few other key areas too. If your bedroom is too noisy or light you may also find yourself struggling to sleep. You need to also remember that heavy meals or drinks with caffeine content right before bed are something you really should be avoiding too.  
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