Getting in the professionals to get rid of these rancid pests can be an expensive task, once you have an infestation it is very hard to get rid of these awful irritants. Bed Bugs have a tendency to feed upon blood, but specifically prefer human blood. It is sure that they wouldn’t think twice about latching onto a body part and having a feast. But now there is a cheaper alternative on the market, that you yourself can produce from the comfort of your home.

Fill one of your old coffee cups with ten tablespoons of sugar (150 grams), two tablespoons of yeast (30 grams) and one and a half litres of water, and put it all in the middle of an upturned dog bowl. There you go, you have just made yourself a Bed Bug detector that competes with others on the market and is a lot cheaper. This DIY device to trap Bed Bugs was invented by Narinderpaul Singh, Changlu Wang and Richard Cooper from Rutgers University in New Jersey. This device does not kill the bugs, but can easily alert homeowners to infestations at the earliest of stages, when the bugs can be more easily exterminated.

This new trap is just an upturned dogbowl, covered in surgical tape that has been dyed black. Bed Bugs are attracted to black and have a natural tendency to scale vertical surfaces, so those that climb into a bowl struggle to get out. The yeast in the bowl ferments the sugar to release carbon dioxide, that gas that bed bugs use to track down sleeping humans. The vapour lures insects towards the trap from long distances, and in experiments more than doubled the number that were captured.


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