Hotels, unfortunately, are a cliché case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Reviews and feedback, as well as the practicality of location are all vital features to consider when deciding whether it’s a place that you’d like to stay or not. Usually, the reviews and feedback are perfectly acceptable and will encourage potential customers to take their holiday at whatever hotel is in question. However, there are two flaws. It may be that the reviews are inaccurate, or that there have been very few reviews and you decided to take a chance on a place that turned out to be not quite as you would’ve liked. It’s common knowledge that it’s difficult to get to sleep in an environment that you’re not comfortable or familiar with, so we’ve prepared some quick tips to help you get settled in nicely in just about any hotel.

First and foremost, hotels can be full of weird or unexpected noises and sounds, for example people walking by in the corridor outside your room, a boiler making a quiet gurgle, knocks on the walls as people in other rooms bump into them accidentally. You might think you hear some really creepy things, or simply a lot of stuff that’s out of the ordinary, but the truth is it’s likely to be no more than the sounds you’d usually hear in your own home if you weren’t so accustomed to them. Your brain likes to play tricks on you in the dark, so the trick is to not let it.

Don’t lie there with your eyes open, your brain will start to pick out shapes in the dark. Perhaps consider bringing some earplugs or earmuffs to block out all of the sounds and noises you’re not accustomed to. It can help, but eventually, you should attempt to slowly ease yourself into sleeping in strange locations. It’d do you no good to be stuck in the situation where you have to isolate yourself two of your major senses whenever you want or need to sleep.

Secondly, consider bringing some music on an iPod or another handheld device. They’re good to listen to your favourite tunes and drift off to sleep. I always found that having music helps me sleep. If you don’t think music will do the trick, take a look at some websites which provide ambient background noise for you until you drift off. These websites have been described as extremely helpful, but it’s a choice for you to make.


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