Going to sleep. It’s something all of us need to do. When we are asleep, each of us will sleep in a different position to another. But did you know, studies have shown that the position in which we sleep, can actually be a reflection on the person we are in waking life? So, what are these sleeping positions? Guide Me To Bed investigates further.

One of these sleeping positions has been named ‘The Starfish’. Though this is one of the least preferred sleeping styles, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reasoning to it. As the name of this position suggests, a sleeper will lie on their back, with their arms stretched out above their heads. It’s believed those who sleep in this position are very loyal friends. They like to listen to others problems, and try to help in any way they can.

Probably the most popular sleeping style is ‘Fetal’. This position involves the sleeper being on their side, with their legs curled up. Those who sleep like this are thought to be tough on the outside, but on the inside are thought to be very shy.

Another very common sleeping position is ‘The Log’. This is similar to the previously mentioned Fetal. But inside of having their legs curled up, they are straight. If you sleep in this position, it’s thought you’re very trustworthy and also very sociable.

Finally, we’re going to take a look at the ‘Freefall’ position. This position is when a sleeper lies flat on their stomach, often with their hands up by the pillows. Almost as if they’re free falling. Those who sleep like this are believed to be sociable and have a very free personality. But, it is thought they can be over sensitive to criticism.

Do you think there’s any meaning behind the position? Personally, I think a sleeping position is purely selected on how your naturally feel comfy. But, this has certainly been an interesting area to consider.


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