Sleep superstitions vary all around the world. From the effects of having a mirror placed directly opposite your bed to wearing hats in bed. Here at Guide Me To Bed, we have gathered our top 5 strange sleeping superstitions from around the globe.

Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Getting up or waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a common saying. Some Chinese people claim that it’s best to get out of bed on the left side. The left side is associated with money, power and health with the ancient Chinese. They claim getting out on the right side can bring death and despair.

No Mirrors Opposite The Bed

It is believed that mirrors can steal your soul. Do not place your mirror directly in front of your bed. The story goes, your sleeping soul will enter the mirror and you may not be able to return to your body in the morning. It is also said that the mirror will attract unwanted spirits that could bring bad luck on you whilst you sleep, resulting in more nightmares.

Wedding Cake Under The Pillow?

Many European countries claim that if a single woman sleeps with a slice of wedding cake under her pillow, the man she dreams about will become her husband. This is just a superstition and sounds like a great way to get your pillows messy.

No Hats On The Bed

The Italians believed that evil spirits lived in the hair. Therefore by placing your hat on the bed will mean that the spirits travel from your hat onto bed. Meaning that while you sleep, they may haunt your dreams.


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