We live in an era in which technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which does actually have a benefit to our everyday life. Mobile phone applications are highly useful (they do have uses aside from just gaming), sleeping apps have been designed to aid you when getting to sleep. But do the actually work?

One of the most disruptive things ever is to be awoken during a deep sleep by a boisterous alarm clock. In order to remedy this, several mobile applications have been designed to actually monitor your sleep cycle. They will then wake you up during your lightest sleep phase, when you feel well rested. The two most popular apps in this category include, ‘sleep cycle’ and ‘Sleep As An Droid’. The ‘Sleep Cycle’ app is actually one of the most paid for apps in several countries, suggesting that it may actually work as many people are clearly prepared to pay for it.

Alternatively, there are some soothing sound apps that are designed to ease you into your sleep. Some of the most popular sounds apps include, ‘Relax Melodies’ and ‘White Noise’. Both apps play relaxing sounds in order to make you feel tranquil as you drift off to sleep, this is particularly useful for people that struggle to relax whilst in bed.

The third type of sleep app that exists is a sleep tracking application, allowing you to monitor and keep track of how much sleep you are getting compared to how much sleep you should be getting. The two most popular sleep tracking apps are called ‘Sleep Bot Tracker Log’ and ‘Sleep Tracker’. They both work by allowing you to enter the amount of sleep that you are getting and your mood, giving you to space to make notes about your sleeping pattern. From here you can even work out what your sleep debt is and track how your mood changes over time.

Overall, there are several types of sleeping mobile applications that are available for you to use. All of which have their own way of improving the quality of your sleep and your sleeping pattern. So it may be a good idea to experiment with the different types of apps until you find the perfect one for you.


24 and living in London. Production manager within the bed industry. I have a strong passion for beds and football. In my spare time I love going on long car journeys around Europe with my lovely wife, Cara.

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