Almost everybody has a pet. In the US, there’s up to 176 million cats and dogs in total, and that’s not counting the strays! That 176 million figure doesn’t even cover animals other than dogs and cats, so you can only imagine how big that figure actually is. Each person’s reason for having a pet or pets is different and unique to them. However, one quality that many pets share is one that brings a sense of comfort and familiarity. It’s for this reason, it’s likely that pets help you sleep better. Pets often sleep if not on the bed then at the end of it. Many people end up with their pet doing a better job of waking them up in the morning than their alarm clock.

There are a few aspects of the resting process that pets assist with simply through their presence. When settling down to sleep, pets are a source of warmth that soothes and relaxes you. Cats, in particular, purr when they’re content. If it is sounds like these that can help you drift off to sleep. Research done on the topic details almost 60% of the people taking part in the study spend the night with their pet (especially cats).

Another benefit of sharing your bed with your pets is that it strengthens the bond between you and your pet as well as giving you the opportunity to spend more time with them. If your pet has avoided you for the whole day (as cats normally do) or you’ve simply been too busy to give them time or attention then we have the thing for you. When they curl up with you at night, dogs especially are playful and are always excited to see you, but will quickly calm down and give you that soothing presence that you’re after when trying to get to sleep.


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