Here at Guide Me To Bed, we don’t just provide advice on beds and bedrooms, but we also help to offer advice on common sleep problems. Nothing is worse than lying in bed, being unable to drop off. Here are some of the most common sleeping ailments, with their potential cures.

Insomnia is probably the most common sleeping ailment. The symptoms can vary, but mainly include: lying awake for long periods of time before getting to sleep, feeling tired and not refreshed even after sleep and waking up early in the morning, but then not being able to go sleep again. The possible way to cure this sleeping aliment is through helping yourself. Avoiding drinks tea and coffee right before bedtime, not watching the clock, creating a bedtime routine you stick to and the use of black out curtains and earplugs can all help make getting a better night’s sleep easier.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). This is itching, burning or pain in the legs as a sleeper tries to get to sleep. It will then most likely require the sleeper to get up and move about. This therefore disturbs their sleep. It’s thought to run in families, and mainly be present in those in their middle ages. While it can be helped by exercise and avoiding alcohol, it may require medication.

Another common sleeping ailment is night terrors. These are a different thing to the common nightmare. They’re most likely to occur in children and the symptoms include intense fear experienced during sleep. The key thing about night terrors, is a child will not remember their dream the next morning and won’t even remember the episode occurring. These episodes are likely to last just a few minutes, but as a parent, it can be very frightening to witness. There’s not an exact answer as to how to cure or prevent night terrors from occurring. But it is known that just because a child is having night terrors, it doesn’t mean that something is on their mind. A possible way to stop them is to make sure your child has a good bedtime routine, and is getting the sleep they require. A few steps like this can hopefully ward of these instances. It has also thought these terrors can run in families, and can be linked to certain medications. So this is also something worth considering.

We hope that an overview of the causes, symptoms and possible cures for these common sleeping ailments with help you or your loved ones to achieve a good night’s sleep.


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