“Detox”-ing or detoxification, is all the rage in the health blog and magazine world, and has been for a while. Despite the fact there’s no concrete evidence, there must be some degree of credibility, otherwise people would finally stop talking about it. We’re going to be taking a look at whether or not detoxing can help you achieve a better quality of sleep.

Detoxing can be done in multiple different ways for multiple different (sets of) toxins. However, there’s evidence that suggests that while detoxing can have some benefits, improving your sleep may not be one of them. Much is still unknown about the brain, so it’s very difficult for us to properly judge 1) The effectiveness of a detox on the brain and 2) whether a detox actually affects the brain at all. Having said this, we did stumble across an article towards the end of our search on detoxing your brain to improve performance.

The essential rundown of the article explained that your body has it’s own natural method of detoxing the body over time, but the body is often overloaded, a system not built to handle the amount of toxins we humans pump into ourselves. Therefore, the detox the article provided was designed to flush the toxins from your brain over time and very gradually, with the aim of improving function during the day. Unfortunately, we were completely unable to dig out an article of detox’s that directly improve sleep, but we’re sure they exist out there somewhere.

One of the most important things to remember about detoxing is that you mustn’t try and do lots of detoxes at once. You’re more than likely to upset multiple chemical balances within your body when you try to deal with a large host of issues that are almost certain to introduce the toxins you’re flushing out with the detox straight back into your system.


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