Patients dealing with severe neck and back pain will often have trouble sleeping. Chronic pain in the night can make it very difficult to sleep, and these sleeping problems can exacerbate your symptoms. Here are 5 tips to help chronic pain sufferers to sleep better:

  1. Only Go To Bed When You’re Tired – Make sure you do not allow yourself to toss and turn in bed, as this will only make things worse and usually you will end up highly stressed. If you are not asleep within 20-30 minutes you should maybe get out of bed and engage in something that will help make you tired.
  2. Work Up A Sweat – For many people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain they worry that exercising will aggravate the pain, however it is in fact the opposite as remaining inactive is worse. Regular exercise as well as stretching and strengthening programmes can help aid the body’s natural healing process and make you feel better.
  3. Check Your Equipment – You should be sure that your mattress is providing you with the correct support and a substantial amount of support. Is your pillow supporting your neck correctly? Is it too firm or maybe too high. Which position is most comfortable for you when sleeping, is it on your back, side or curled up? And how do you feel when you wake in the morning having slept in these positions.
  4. Cool The Room – It’s as simple as opening a window in cold weather or upping the air conditioning in the warmer seasons. These are great ways to make the room temperature colder allowing you to have a deeper more restorative sleep.
  5. Herbal Tea – You have to be strong and avoid caffeine after dinner and even other stimulants like alcohol and nicotine. Chamomile tea is a great choice to help you relax.


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