We all know sleep is incredibly important to our health. It leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to get through the day in the morning. But what if your child isn’t getting the sleep that they desperately require? These are Guide Me To Beds top tips to help your child sleep through the night.

One of the main tips is to try and avoid letting them use tablets and computers late at night. This includes sitting up and watching TV. Our in house expert highly recommends that you stop your child from using these devices at least an hour before bedtime. During this time your child should wind down and have a routine before sleeping.

Also their bedroom environment can make a difference to the amount of sleep they get. It’s important that it is the correct temperature and darkness. Their room should be dark enough so once your eyes adjust then objects cannot be clearly made out in the bedroom. If there is too much light coming through to the room then it may be affecting the amount of sleep the can get.

What they eat before bed can take an affect too. You should avoid letting your child eat right before bedtime, especially if this is a heavy food or something sweet such as chocolate

Not only does food take and impact but drink does too. If they like coffee then this shouldn’t be drank right before bedtime. The caffeine within can keep them awake which means they may not be able to sleep right through the night.

Finally, we also suggest having a pre-bed routine. For example, after having a bath it is time for bed. A warm bath is also great for relaxation and winding down too, which can help them get to sleep quicker.


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