When it comes to getting to sleep, nowhere is more comfortable than your own bed. But, in some cases, you may be travelling on a long journey. Getting to sleep whilst on a long car journey or plane journey can be much more difficult than it sounds, so here are our top 5 recommendations to help you get to sleep whilst on long journeys.

Bring A Neck Pillow With You

When sleeping upright, it will be very likely that you will wake up with neck ache. This is why neck pillows were introduced, allowing the user to remain comfortable whilst resting on a long journey. This can prove essential if you are the one driving and you were just taking a break from driving.

No Heavy Meals Before Travelling

It is important that you avoid consuming a heavy meal before a long journey, this can cause upset to your stomach. Potentially resulting in you struggling to get to sleep whilst on this journey.

Bring Earplugs With You

If you are planning to sleep whilst in the passenger seat on a long car journey, the sound of traffic can be quite distracting. Taking earplugs with you allows you to drift off to sleep with ease, blocking out the noise of car horns.

Avoid Caffeine Before Your Journey

It is essential that you avoid caffeine-laced drinks and alcohol before a long journey. Especially if you are hoping to get some shut-eye along the way. An alternative to these drinks, we would recommend that you drink herbal tea instead.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Staring at a mobile screen whilst on a long journey can make it extremely hard for you to get to sleep. Especially if you are playing a mobile game. It may be best to just turn your mobile phone off before going on a long car journey.


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