• Express Gratitude – Everyday is a new day to be given the chance to say thank you for being alive. Everything we experience and are capable of experiencing is something to be grateful for. Most of the times there is always something to be grateful for, we simply need to look around us and within us. Don’t get hung up on what you don’t have, because that will almost certainly lead you to disappointment and suffering, but at any point we can stop and be mindful of what we appreciate about our lives.
  • Set Your Intentions For The DayA lot of people tend to just go with the flow and allow their day to breeze by without having any intentions for the day ahead. However, planning your day out as soon as you open your eyes can actually make your day go a lot quicker. Even the littlest things such as, intending to go to the gym or do the grocery shopping etc.
  • Take 5 Long Deep BreathsBreathing is what keeps us alive, and without it our hearts would stop beating and we wouldn’t live to see a new day. Breathe in and breathe out deeply as soon as you wake up and you should feel the stress and tension leave your body, setting you up perfectly for the day ahead.
  • Smile For No ReasonSmiling is easily one of the best free life hacks we have. All the serotonin and those endorphins flooding through your brain chemically cure melancholia. All the pronoia sets in and you get the day off to an excellent start. Smiling reduces stress, blood pressure and also boost the immune system.
  • Stretch- Nothing compares to a good old stretch to wake your sleepy body first thing in the morning. Be sure to add stretching to your list of things to do in the morning, by reaching as far as you can with every limb to the furthest corners of your bed frame.



Professional in the bed industry. Passion for life and love of all things food. Try to kick a ball around a pitch, most of the time fail. My kids are my world.

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