Struggling to get to sleep at night? There are many common factors in a bedroom which can affect the way in which we sleep. If you have found yourself having problems drifting of at night then it may be down to a number of different things. These can be linked to both your bedroom environment or even you’re drinking right before bed.

Watching TV Before Bed

If you are one for sitting up and watching the TV at night then this could be causing you sleep problems. Many pieces of research have suggested that the light from a TV can make it more difficult to relax. It’s highly recommended to leave time before bed where you begin to relax rather sit up watching the television.  

Bad Drinks

A couple of drinks of alcohol, or a hot cup of coffee before bed seems like a great idea. However, this may be affecting your sleep pattern. Coffee is a stimulant which can cause your mind to remain active, even when you are trying to settle down for the night.

Bedroom Too Light

A dark bedroom helps our mind to understand it’s time to sleep. If your room is too light then you may find it more difficult to get your sleep. Our recommendation is to use blackout curtains or a sleeping mask. When your eyes have adjusted you shouldn’t be able to clearly make objects out in your room. If you can, then your bedroom light levels may well be too high.

Wrong Mattress

Your mattress quality can play a massive role in your sleeping patterns. If you are on the wrong mattress, you could find it harder to get a high amount of sleep. If you have found yourself waking up with back or joint pains, it could be time to replace your mattress. We have many helpful articles here on Guide Me To Bed to aid your mattress buying decision.

Taking Time To Relax

By setting yourself a time where you unwind, you can positively impact your sleeping pattern. A hot bath just before bed is a super way to ready yourself for bed after a long. The heat will help your muscles to relax so you’re ready for sleeping.

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