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Community Guidelines

These are a set of guidelines we would like everyone to follow when posting in the forum. There aren’t many and they aren’t overly specific but it’s important for your own sake to pay attention to them. They might save you some time!

1. Please use the search function on our menu before posting

It’s highly likely that the answer you’re looking for has already been answered either through our blog posts or in the forum already. Take some time to see if you can find it before posting in the forum.

2. Clearly state what is it your topic is about

If you put what you want to know or talk about in the subject line of your post, it’s likely people more able to talk to you about it or help you with it will show up and contribute. There’s no point spamming forum posts with non-descriptive titles. Give a short summary of your problem or topic and try not to use attention grabbing subjects.

3. Remember that when people decide to help, it’s out of their own good will

If you feel that the replies you’ve received not are assisting you in any productive way, be polite about it. Explain that you’re having trouble seeing their angle and people are usually happy to explain themselves. There’s no point in being rude and shoving away those who you don’t feel are helping at all.

Forum Rules

1. No Spamming, Self Promotion or Advertising

Don’t spam with links to your website/product/etc. or attempt to promote yourself or your website/product/etc. This also applies to sending messages to people that are full with links to your website/product/etc, or are promoting your website/product/etc. This applies to sending a message to just one user as well as a large number of users. Do not ask for personal details or contact details (email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers).
If you do any of these things repeatedly, we will ban your account permanently and you will not have access to the forum or your posts.

2. Do not post or look to obtain copyrighted material

If you attempt to obtain copyrighted material, or provide information on how to obtain copyrighted material your account will be permanently banned and you will not have access to the forum and your posts.

3. Do not post NSFW content

All content posted or shared (links) should be strictly SFW (Safe For Work.) This rule depends mostly on your common sense.

4. Do not post the same thing in multiple parts of the forum

If we feel your post is unsuitable for the part of the forum you have posted it in, we will move it to the appropriate part and notify you that we have done so.

5. Do not private message other forum users with something that should be a post (unless invited to do so by the user)

If you have a question that you need answering, post it in the forums. We would prefer it that if invited to private message another forum user, you also post your question/conversation topic in the forum, as this is a place for discussion and the sharing of information for the benefit of the community.

6. “Treat others as you would wish to be treated.”

All forum users should treat each other as they would a person they are talking to in real life. You are more than welcome to state your difference in opinion, simply explain your point of view. This rule also relies mainly on your common sense – you should not insult your fellow forum users. All members including forum admins are expected to follow this rule.


Can I have multiple accounts?

No, there’s no need for you to have more than one account. If your account has been banned and you create a new one, your IP address will be banned as well as any further accounts you create. We hope it’s not necessary to go this far.

What if I break a forum rule?

You will either be warned against your actions, or banned for them. This ban can be temporary or permanent. You will be given 3 warnings. If you have ignored past warnings, you will be temporarily banned. If your actions have not changed upon the end of your temporary ban, you will be permanently banned.

What happens if a post that has broken one/several of the rules?

Please report it to a forum admin.

How do I know who the admins are?

The admins are listed in the forum FAQ.

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