When it comes to having guests over to stay, their comfort is of incredible importance. If you feel it’s time to change your guest bed mattress, we highly recommend an open coil as it’s the ideal solution in many different ways. We’ve created a helpful list of the advantages of choosing an Open Coil Mattress.

Open Coil Mattresses Are Comfortable

Firstly open coil mattresses provide a great  level of comfort through their structure. While there are more comfortable alternatives, such as the pocket spring mattresses, open coil mattresses are great for a cost effective and durable use.. The construction of these mattresses use a single coil for the whole mattress which provides maximum durability. This provides a good level of comfort and support for the sleeper, and are an ideal choice for  occasional use in guest rooms.

Remember, we spend 1 third of our lives asleep, so make sure to do your homework before purchasing your mattress 

An Affordable Mattress

They also have the advantage of being a great value mattress… Being an entry level comfort, these can be bought at a very reasonable price. This means that they’re an excellent guest bed solution as you’re not forced to pay a large  expense for something which isn’t going to be used very often. But just because these are cheaper, don’t be fooled, they can still offer good comfort for your guest..

Things To Consider With Open Coil Mattresses

With an open coil mattress, you should remember that if you this as your main mattress (I.e for your master bedroom), their lifespan can be shortened than other more expensive mattress types. These are likely to last for around 3-5 years with full time use, or more if only occasional

If you need further mattress advice, why not check out the many different types through our mattress guides, which can be viewed here on our  website. Each of these have been designed to help make the buying decisions of your next mattress easier for our reader. Remember, we spend 1 third of our lives asleep, so make sure to do your homework before purchasing your mattress.


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