Just like most everyday items, a new mattress needs to be given the proper care in order for it to function properly. The manufacturers of your mattress give you any recommendations or guidelines then they need to be followed. If you have an older mattress set, which hopefully isn’t older than 10 years, you should be used to flipping and rotating to avoid any harmful body impressions. The good news is that the days of flipping your mattress are slowly beginning to die out, thanks to the new technology and innovation in mattress construction. But ensure that you don’t be fooled, although these mattresses say they are “ No Flip” you should still flip your mattress to prolong the lifespan.

On average new mattresses should be rotated every three months, but it also requires a bit of your own judgement, as if you feel your mattress beginning to sag or can see it then you should rotate more often. Your mattress should also be vacuumed as often as possible to remove all or any dust particles that may be lurking around. Try to avoid wetting your mattress, but if you spill something directly onto it that requires you to do so, then do so sparingly using a small amount of soapy water and scrubbing with a towel.

Looking after your mattress is vital if you want it to last for a long time, if it’s not looked after like any item you own then you know what the consequences will be. Once you have purchased a new mattress you should make it your priority to nurture it into your sleep routine, and take pride in looking after it to ensure it remains with you in the future.


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