When it comes to mattresses, the most common question we get asked is, What Type of Mattress is Best? At Guide Me To Bed, thanks to our years of experience, we can help answer all your mattress related questions. There is no definite answer to What Type of Mattress is Best, because the answer is very much dependant on each individual. Below, we have compiled some advice which will help make the buying decision as easy as possible.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

With a clue in the name, these mattresses are made up with individual springs.  Each is in cased in a fabric pocket, which helps to provide a longer lasting mattress, and also helps to prevent the springs from popping out the mattresses surface. The advantages of these mattresses are their comfort. Because of each individual spring, they will contour to your body, which means they offer excellent spinal support. Our expert opinion on the Pocket Sprung mattress is that they make a great mattress for couples. By purchasing a good quality high spring count mattress, both parties can get the most comfort. These mattress are also made available with two sides of firmness. This is great for couples who have individual requirements when it comes to their desired comfort level. It’s worth noting, that if you’re one to suffer from allergies, then the Pocket Sprung Mattress may be one to stay clear of. These mattresses often contain natural materials such as lambswool, which is known to make allergies worse.

Memory Foam Mattresses:

A common choice for a while now. These mattresses have top layer, which is the layer with the memory properties. Some of these have a spring core, and this aren’t classed as a true Memory Foam Mattress.  These mattresses respond excellently to pressure and offer great support.This makes them perfect for those with back problems, because the properties within the mattress help to take the weight off of the user’s joints. When getting asked What Type of Mattress is best, we also recommend this mattress type for those with allergies. This is because they often don’t contain the fillings that can irritate allergy sufferers, but still offer great comfort.

Latex Mattresses:

This is a very simple mattress. Usually only layered up of latex to form the mattress. They’re great because they offer the same properties of a Memory Foam Mattress, but won’t hold the heat, so they’re great, especially in warmer weather. This mattress would be a great solution for those which want the comforting memory foam features during the summer, without the risk of getting too warm. We do advise spending a little extra over the budget range, because often these can have a short life span.

Open Sprung Mattress:

This type of mattress contains a very long piece of wire of which has been coiled into springs. Overall, these mattresses offer less support than others available on the market. But, they are great value, and often light weight, which means that turning them around is easier, resulting in a longer life span. We feel this type of mattress would be best for guest rooms as they’re excellent value for money, especially for occasional use.

Overall Opinion:

So, What Type of Mattress is Best? As shown, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as one mattress type. It’s heavily down to what a user wants from the mattress. Our favourite choice overall is the Pocket Sprung Mattresses. These are high quality, and can offer the utmost comfort, especially those with a spring count of 7,000!



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