Zip and link mattresses were invented with one thing in mind: the elimination of mattresses separating when two beds are pushed together to create a larger bed. Many people push beds together to make one, larger bed, but there’s always been the issue of the irritating gap in between mattresses getting in the way and generally just being a nuisance. Zip and link mattresses effectively solve that problem, as well as having many other functions too!

Zip and link mattresses are designed to go with divan bed frames, that have a metal hook fixture on the front and back which allows you to join two of the same bed together to create a larger one. Obviously divan bed frames don’t come with mattresses themselves, so somebody created a solution to having to different mattresses on what is essentially one bed. The zip is cleverly placed just below the seam on the mattresses, and the seams overlap and cover the zip when connected. No more worries of the mattresses slowly sliding apart over the course of the night and getting an arm trapped in between them. It’s this wonderful feature that provides the opportunity for so many other things too!

Consider you need more room for guests who are staying over, because one mattress doesn’t provide enough space for 2 (or more) people to sleep on. Simply get out the other mattress of the zip and link mattress pair and attach it, instantly there’s plenty of room. This is quite a rudimentary example, but you can clearly get the idea, and consider the vast range of implications these mattresses have. If you ever worry you’ll be pushed for space, consider getting a zip and link mattress.

Zip and link mattresses aren’t exactly a new thing, but they aren’t very old either. People are always improving the designs of products, so be sure to keep an eye out, you never know what people might come up with next!



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