Purchasing a new mattress can be expensive. You want the best for you, that’s going to offer the utmost comfort. Once you find the ideal mattress, you want it to last as long as possible. Did you know following some basic tips, you can get a longer mattress life? For example, even just sitting on the end of your bed everyday to tie up a shoe can quickly damage, and cause sag in that position? Here are some more mattress care tips.

One very important part of a longer mattress is a high quality bed frame. It’s important your bed frame isn’t broken, and offers excellent support in the middle of the frame, to prevent the mattress for sagging. If slats are damaged, or the support in the middle of the frame is substantial enough for the mattress, then this could cause a short life span for your mattress. It’s also worth noting, it may be affecting your own comfort, too.

Keeping the mattress clean and fresh is another simple way to get that extra time from your mattress. Mattress protectors are a great and affordable solution to extending the life of your mattress. They do exactly as they say; protect the mattress. Most will be waterproof, which gives instant protection against accidental spills. This in turn stops the materials inside being damaged.

Believe or not, you can get more out your mattress through ‘breaking’ it in. Though not something manufacturers tell you to do, through rotating your mattress, you’re less likely to get softening in the mattress. It’s great practice to rotate your mattress 180 degrees every couple of months. Through doing this, you’re more likely to get some extra wear from your purchase.

The bed isn’t a trampoline! In other words, don’t allows the kids (or yourself!) to jump on the mattress. The nature of jumping up and down on a bed can wear it down quicker, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Not only this, but you’re at risk of a damaged bed too. The force can easily break the slats if you have a wooden bed.

Finally, ‘airing’ your mattress can help too. On a nice day every so often, remove the covers, and with open curtains, let the sun do it’s work for a few hours. This will help take out any excess moisture which could otherwise shorten the lifespan.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful and your new mattress will last years to come.


I’m 28 and I work as an Internet Marketer and blog writer. I have been working in the bed industry for years and enjoy writing about my experiences. My hobbies include photography as well as writing in my spare time.

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