Like buying a bed frame, when it comes to purchasing a new mattress, there are many different things you should consider. Obviously, getting the most comfort from your new mattress is key. Guide Me To Bed takes a look at the top things to consider before buying a brand new mattress.

You should consider whether you actually need a brand new one. You can still add a new spring of life into your new mattress. You can follow some simple mattress cleaning guides, and consider adding a mattress topper for extra comfort. The average mattress should have a 8-year life span. If yours is a lot newer than this, then it may not be necessary to change.

The other thing to bare in mind is the warranty offered. The long the better. This is a big sign of as mattresses brand customer service system.

Before you buy a mattress, you should also think up you budget. The price of a mattress can vary greatly, and can even run into the thousands. Once you’ve decided on a budget, it’s important to stick to this. Quality and the life span can be affected by the price, so try to spend as much as you can afford.

What’s also important to know is the level of comfort in each mattress will vary. This means that the type of mattress for you will depend on your desired comfort level, as well as any additional requirements you may have, such as extra support for a bad back.

The first and probably most well know mattress choice is memory foam. This is certainly one of the best choices for if you suffer from a bad back or joint pain. The softer than average surface provides the extra comfort required. This mattress will also mould to the contours of your comfort which further aids their comfort level.

If you’re after something at a budget, then an open coil may be worth considering. They tend to be very sturdy, and reliable for their price. You can’t really go wrong with an open coil.


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