With there now being so many different types of mattresses we’re often left wondering how do they differ. Because we want the best for ourselves, we will often buy the same mattress type as before due to lack of knowledge on how they’re different. Did you know, that different types of mattress can be suitable for different people?

Mattress Type: Memory Foam:

The bottom layer of this mattress type is a dense foam layer. This isn’t memory, which helps to avoid the user sinking down into the mattress. Above this layer is the memory later. This can be up to 8 inches thick. The properties in this layer are what allow it to offer the ultimate comfort to the sleeper. If a bed has a spring core, it isn’t considered a true Memory Foam Mattress. Although, there is a mattress called a Hybird Memory Foam which combines both the support of a traditional Coil Inner Spring with the luxurious properties of Memory Foam. This is great because it offers the responsiveness you find in Pocket Spring Mattresses as well as the the support found in Memory Foam. It’s also worth saying, these mattress can avoid the fillings, often found in normal Pocket Sprung Mattresses which irritate allergies.

Advantages: This mattress is an excellent one for those who require extra support. This makes it excellent for those with back problems, because the properties within the top foam layer, help to take the weight of a user’s joints.

Disadvantages: The most common issues reported from users of a Memory Foam Mattress is that they get too hot. This is because they sometimes feel they “sink” too far “in”. The manufacture process is certainly something to consider too. This is especially essential if you care about how a product is made and the impact it makes on the environment. The production process involves a lot of chemicals.

The price range of this mattress varies, but it’s recommended you spend around  £400 and upwards, because other cheaper versions may not offer the supportive features of a thick and high quality Memory Foam Mattress.

Mattress Type: Latex:

A cheap mattress type. These are very simple. Often they will contain only latex foam which is layered up to create the mattress.

Advantages: The main advantage of the Latex Mattress type is that it can offer the memory elements much like a Memory Foam Mattress. This comes with the added benefits that the mattress doesn’t hold the heat like a memory foam does, which means that the user is less likely to overheat.

Disadvantages: If the mattress is too cheap, it can have a poor life span. These mattresses are also heavy and bulky which means that they’re harder to move.

Latex Mattresses can be bought for as little as £60.

Mattress Type: Open-sprung mattress

This type of mattress contains a long piece of wire which has been coiled into springs.

Advantages: These are great value for money and often light weight compared to alternatives. This makes turning them around easier, resulting in a longer life span.

Disadvantages: Overall, this mattress is less supportive due to the nature of the springs being connected.

Mattress type: Pocket Spring

A luxurious mattress type, with many different versions available. This numbers refers to the amount of individual springs (which are in cased in a fabric pocket) that the mattress contains. For example a Pocket 7000 Mattress would contain 7,000 springs which would offer the utmost comfort and support for your body. The reason behind the in casing of the springs is for a longer lasting mattress and also to help the prevention of these springs popping out the mattress.  

Advantages: The advantages of a Pocket Sprung Mattress include that fact the individual springs will move independently to contour your body and offer the best support possible.

Disadvantages: Because of the contents, these mattresses are often heavy which means that they’re difficult to move.

When buying this type, it’s important to consider the spring count. In theory, the more the better, but it’s also worth noting that the filling and materials can play a role in the quality and comfort.

The Pocket Spring Mattress is a high quality product, and the price reflects this.

Our expert opinion,

You now know what the differences between these mattresses are. But which should you choose? A breakdown of our opinion for certain scenarios can be found below.

Couples: We would recommend spending money on a good quality Pocket Sprung Mattress. This is very beneficial because the amount of springs can help both parties get the most comfort. This mattresses also come with the added bonus that they can come with two sides of firmness, so if one person has different needs, this is made possible.

Those with Allergies: A good quality Memory Foam would be a great choice. The Mattress offers comfort, while the materials won’t irritate those that can be sensitive to certain materials.

Joint Pain: A Memory Foam Mattress is also a great choice for those looking for extra support for their joints if they suffers from back pain.

A Guest Bed Mattress: For this we recommend buying a Open-Sprung Mattress. These are good value for money which are excellent for occasional use.

We hope that this blog has helped you develop an understand of different mattress. By following this guide, you can get the mattress which best suits you.


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