A mattress is an expensive investment and it often takes a long time to find the right one for us. This means that once you find the ideal mattress taking good care of it is a must as getting the longest life from it is essential. With many different ways to clean a mattress, we have compiled just a few of these so you can start the to the a fresh and new looking mattress today.

The first step we recommend taking is to get rid of all the dust which sits on the surface of the mattress. You should vacuum the main surface using the upholstery tool on your hoover. You should be sure to press firmly in order to ensure that you are getting it all up.

To give your mattress that fresher and cleaner feel, we suggest using antibacterial spray. There’s plenty of options on the market which are safe for use on fabrics. This is a sure way to kill all the nasty bacteria from the mattress and leave it with a fresher smell.

To get rid of stains, you can use one of the many fabric safe stain removers on the market. Follow the instructions stated on the bottle and you will soon remove the stains leading to a much fresher mattress. You can also then use a steamer to give an even better clean to your mattress. This will help to remove any final dust that the hoover might have missed.

Once you manage to get rid of the stains and make your mattress fresher we recommend protecting it. The simple solution is a mattress protector. There are many different choices available, including waterproof ones. These will protect your mattress from stains, dust and accidental spillages. With many of them being machine washable, freshening your mattress up in the future is made very simple.


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