With most products on the market, it is fairly obvious when it’s time for a replacement. If it is no longer in working condition, or is showing severe signs of wear and tear making it no longer able to function, you know it’s time for a new one. However it isn’t always so obvious to realize it’s time for a new mattress, it can still feel somewhat comfortable long after it has lost it’s ability to provide your body with the proper support and comfort it needs.

Signs that you may need a new mattress

  • You begin to wake up with stiffness, numbness and aches and pains throughout your body.
  • You endured a better night sleep in a few other place than your own bed, maybe a hotel or a friends house.
  • Your mattress begins to show visual signs of overuse, it sags, it clearly has tearing, ripping, stains and holes.
  • You are still really tired throughout the day after a full eight hour sleep.
  • Your mattress is 7 years or older.

How long your mattress will last depends on many factors, such as the original quality and the amount of use it gets. Of course, a mattress that has been in use for 7 years or longer providing you with the utmost comfort and support ideally needs to be replaced. It is important you keep in mind, that everyone’s body changes over time and the need for comfort and support only increases with age. That is why it’s important that you compare the mattress you have with current models every few years to get a good impression of whether your mattress needs changing.


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