With many different sizes of mattress (and the name for these sizes differing around the word) understanding the size of various mattresses can be confusing. One of the most popular questions we get asked is to do with queen size mattress dimensions. The queen size name can be found within the USA, and is very similar dimensions to that of a king size mattress within the UK.

The queen size mattress dimensions measure at around 60 inches wide, by 80 inches long. This is around 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a full (double) mattress. This are an excellent choice for couples, especially if one partner moves a lot during their sleep. The extra few inches gained over a full mattress can actually make a huge amount of difference.

Questions regarding queen size mattress dimensions aren’t the only ones we get asked. Once people have decided on the bed frame, and mattress size required, they ask for mattress type advice. Memory foam, pocket sprung or open coil?

The most popular mattress right now is probably the range of memory foam mattress available. These are an excellent choice for those who suffer from back pain or aching joints. They offer a much softer surface than other mattresses available. They work by moulding to the contours of your body, which provide great comfort. It’s worth noting, some people complain about getting too hot while using these mattresses. They also mention sometimes they feel the ‘sink’ into the mattress too much.

Another popular choice is the pocket sprung mattress. Like the name suggests, these are made up of springs. Each is individually cased within a fabric pocket, which helps to stop it from coming out from the mattress surface. You’ll notice the are different types. The number count refers to the spring amount. Each spring will move individually with your body movement, which means there is excellent comfort. These are a great choice for couples, because it can help you prevent feeling each other’s movements during the night.

Finally, open coil mattresses. These use a continuous spring unit, with each spring getting the support from the next, which provides firm support. These are a very popular choice, as they are highly reliable. Although their demand is now getting outstripped by memory foam

You can find further advice on our Mattresses page. Here you will find various guides, blogs and articles to help you with any mattress related queries you may have.


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