Back pain and muscle aches affect a high amount of people around the world, roughly 41 million days of work were missed in 2014 due to people suffering from back pain and neck pain! This suggests that this situation is much more serious than people expect. Many people tend to blame these musculoskeletal disorders on the fact that they sit at a desk all day whilst working. But actually the way you sleep and the comfort of your mattress can be a huge factor that affects your back pain.

You should ensure that your mattress isn’t too deep, it has been found that the deeper the mattress, the more likely it will lead to back pain. As well as this, the firmness of your mattress is another influential factor, here is our short guide to different mattress firmnesses:

  • Soft Firmness – They provide a good level of conformability and pressure-point relief, but the softness of the mattress can lead to an inadequate level of support for your back.
  • Medium Firmness – This type of mattress tends to be firm enough to provide support as well as being soft enough to provide conformability and significant pressure-point relief. We would personally recommend this mattress for those that suffer from back pain, it provides the perfect balance between comfort and pressure relief.
  • Firm Firmness – We’d advise that you don’t choose a firm mattress as it is nowhere near as comfy as a soft or medium mattress. Although they can provide a good level of support, if your mattress is too firm it can actually cause more discomfort.

When it comes to choosing a specific type of mattress, the most common types include: Open Coil, Pocket Sprung, Memory Foam, Latex and Pillow Top. All of which are comfortable and ideal in their own ways, but if you are suffering from back pain, we’d highly recommend that you consider a Memory Foam or Latex mattress, ideally in a medium firmness. The advantages of these mattress types are that they tend to be effective in preventing and reducing muscle pain and stiffness. Memory foam and latex provide a superb level of comfortability. The mattresses mould and contour to match the shape of your body, meaning that they can easily target your pressure points and reduce the tension that you are feeling.


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