Like bed frame sizes, there are many different standard mattresses sizes. Much like these wooden bed frames, mattresses have been designed with maneuverability and space saving in mind. It’s now possible to have your standard double mattress which is made up of two individual mattresses. These will connect together through zip and link. This is excellent for those wishing to get their mattress through doors, or even up into a loft bedroom. Sizes of course vary between countries and regions. This mattress sizes guide will cover both the UK sizes, and USA.

UK Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes UK

The UK Mattress Sizes

Small Single:

At 2ft6, this mattress is ideal for bed frames which are for smaller spaces. You would typically find this on a bed frame which has been slotted into a tight space.


This is your typical UK mattress size. Made for the standard single bed, this is a mattress you’re likely to find in almost any household.

Small double:

At 4ft, it’s not as wide as a UK standard double mattress, this provides just enough room for two. It would make an excellent addition to a small double bed, for guest room use.


This mattress is 4ft6 wide and is your standard UK double mattress. Probably the most popular among couples because it provides enough room for both sleepers, while still fitting into most bedrooms.


At 5ft, this is wider than your double mattress. Not only are they wider, but they’re also longer too. They provide that extra room for couples who prefer or need it.


A luxurious size. At 6ft wide, this mattress provides the ultimate sleeping space for couples (or a one person!). Though it takes up a lot of room many don’t have, it certainly provides an awesome sleeping space.

Super Caesar

The biggest mattress we know to be available. This luxurious mattress is only available from certain retailers. Providing the massive amount of space for couples, this mattress guarantees a peaceful nights sleep for both parties.


USA Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes USA

The USA Mattress Sizes



This is your standard size for one person. This can almost be compared to the standard UK single. This mattress is around 3.25ft wide, which makes is great for a kids bed, or room where the space is tight.

Twin XL:

Tough the name may suggest it’s wider, the XL actually means extra long. This mattress is the same width as the Twin mattress, but has the added length for taller people.


This size used to be used for two people, but now bedroom sizes are increasing, it’s becoming more popular for single sleepers. At  around 4ft 5” wide, it can be a tight fit for two people, which is why the larger sizes are now a modern popular choice for the bed sharing scenario.


Measuring 5ft wide, and over 6ft long, this mattress is the most popular choice. Great for those sharing this mattress size provides great space and comfort for both sleepers. It’s a popular choice for couples that don’t have the space for the next size up.


 At 6.3ft wide, this mattress size is much wider than a queen, while still being the same length (80”). If you have the space, this options offers the ultimate space for those sharing a bed.

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