Like when buying a bed frame, choosing the right mattress can be a complicated task. If not done correctly then it can result in a uncomfortable night’s sleep. Our mattress buying tips will help you choose the right one.

Do you actually need a replacement?

You should consider whether you really need a new mattress. You may not necessarily need a whole new mattress to receive a comfortable night’s sleep. By following some simple mattress cleaning tips you can freshen your mattress. If you’re looking for that extra bit of comfort than you should consider a mattress topper. These are almost like an extension to your mattress and add an extra layer of comfort. The average mattress should have around an 8 year life, so if yours is considerably younger then a replacement may not be essential.


Before entering into the buying decision you should consider your budget. The price of mattress obviously vary and this can take an impact on their quality. Once you’ve decided on a budget it is important to try and stick to this. Quality and comfort can be affected by the price so it’s always worth trying to spend as much as you can afford.

Mattresses – a very personal choice

When it comes to selecting the type of mattress this is something that will be very personal to you. Although we do have some top mattress buying tips for this.

Guest Bedroom Mattress:

If you’re looking for the ideal mattress for a guest bedroom then we highly suggest an open coil option. They are very sturdy and reliable for their price. Their support system is also good too.

For Couples:

If you’re a couple looking for a new mattress than we recommend spending money on a high quality pocket sprung mattress. This is beneficial to both sleepers as a high spring count can ensure both receive the most comfort. These mattresses can even come in two sides of comfort which means the comfort requirements for both those sleeping can be met.


We suggest a memory foam mattress. This will offer high levels of comfort while using materials unlikely to irritate those who can be sensitive to certain kinds of materials.

Joint Pain:

A memory foam mattress is also a good selection for this requirement too. This will provide the extra those with back pain require,



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