There’s a huge amount of mattresses to choose from on the market. This makes the buying decision an incredibly difficult one. They very greatly in price as well as the comfort levels they are going to offer. Our aim is to make this buying decision as easy as possible which why we’ve written an easy to follow mattress buying guide.

Mattress Types:

Latex/Memory Foam Mattresses: 

Memory Foam

If you are someone who suffers from back pains or joint problems then memory foam mattresses may be the best choice for you. They provides extra comfort and padding which can help to resolve back pains. Due to their padded surface it also means that they don’t need to be flipped. This type of mattress moulds to the contours of your body which is why they’re so comfortable to many. It’s always worth noting though that a few of those who have experienced this mention that they feel too warm on this sleeping surface.



Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

Pocket Sprung Mattress

The construction of this mattress involves each coil (spring) being wrapped in it’s own cloth sleeve. This helps to hold it at the right tension and also move independently. This means that a high level of comfort is added as each individual spring will adjust to each movement you make. The is a large amount of different spring counts available, so we recommend looking out for this during the buying process.  In theory, the higher spring counts off a more superior comfort, so it’s certainly worth remembering this too.

Open Coil Mattresses:

An Open Coil Mattress uses a continuous spring unit construction, where each spring draws support from the next. This helps to provide a high amount of sturdiness. These are an incredibly popular and common mattress and you can’t really go wrong by selecting this type. Though they’re popular, some may say they are becoming outdated with the increase in demand for memory foam.

Pillow Top Mattresses:

A pillow top mattress involves a construction method whereby a pillow layer is stitched upon the top of the main mattress. This makes it two tier. You’re unable to flip these due to this, so if the pillow top layer becomes worn, you will have the replace the whole mattress.

Zip And Link Mattresses:

Zip and link mattresses were invented with the elimination of mattresses separating when two beds get pushed together. A lot of people push beds together, resulting in a larger bed. But, this results in an annoying gap between two individual mattresses. This is where zip and links become the solution. If you ever feel you may need to create extra room than zip and link may be the best choice for you.

Some Key Tips:

Part of our mattress buying guide is also to offer tips of key areas to look out for.

You should take into consideration whether you actually do need a brand new mattress. Your existing one can still be kicked back into life with some simple cleaning and the addition of a mattress topper. The average mattress should last around 8 years, so if yours is considerably younger, it may not actually be necessary to change.

The budget of your purchase is also of course a huge factor to considering when it comes to buying a mattress. Their prices can vary greatly. Once you have chosen your budget you should try to stick to this. Quality and lifespan can often be affected by this budget, so try to spend as much as you can afford.



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