Memory foam mattresses in recent times have grown massively in popularity. In fact, today they are probably the most popular type of mattresses around. While they’re supposed to be comfortable, just how true is this claim? We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these mattresses.

Choosing a memory foam mattress comes with different advantages. Probably the biggest being they are excellent for those with back and joint pain. It’s a very supportive mattress which will take the weight off a sleepers joints, relieving the stress on their muscles.

It’s also a very beneficial choice for couples, with many claiming it helps them both sleep. There is no motion transfer with this type of mattress. If one partner moves then the other won’t feel this, resulting in a better night’s sleep for all.

Not only is comfort excellent, but a memory foam mattress is durable too. It is known for lasting much longer than the average high street pocket sprung mattress. A good quality memory foam could last as long as 15 years before it needs replacing!

But, it is worth remembering the drawbacks which come with this comfortable mattress. Around 10% of those who use one indicate that they get too hot, leading to discomfort. This is probably due to the feeling they report of “sinking” into the mattress.

The cost is also something worth considering too. Memory foam mattresses can carry a large price tag. A good quality memory foam can often cost twice as much as a pocket sprung mattress, so this should be a consideration when working to a budget.

To conclude, the comfort of a memory foam can vary from person to person. While to one person, a memory foam may be ideal, to another, they may want a different rating of firmness. Wherever possible, we recommend trying out mattresses before you buying the so you can avoid disappointment.


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