Once you’ve brought a solid, sturdy mattress chances are that you expect it to provide you with comfortable sleep for many years. Mattresses are designed to last for around 8 years, though how it is maintained can shorten or lengthen the lifespan of your mattress.

Here are some of the best ways you can care for your mattress:

  • Mattress Properly Supported – It is essential that you make sure your mattress has the substantial support, this helps preserve the integrity of materials and prevent early wear. Check with your manufacturer or you can look at the warranty for any recommendations.
  • Mattress Protector – Mattress protectors are one of the best and simplest ways to protect your beds longevity. A high quality mattress protector offers waterproof protection to guard against spills and accidents, whilst also reducing the amount of dust, debris and dirt that may get into your bed.
  • Wash Regularly – When you’re asleep you shed sweat, oils, hair and skin cells. When you eat in bed you also often leave behind crumbs and pets can also bring in lots of nasty things. All of this can get into layers of the mattress breeding bacteria and encouraging a vast amount of dust mites.
  • Keep Pets Away – It is much better to give your pets their own designated beds rather than letting them couple up on your mattress. They walk outside, drool and shed hair and cells just like people which all ends up in your bed.
  • Rotate Mattress – Every type of mattress available benefits from being rotated regularly, no matter the material or the size. Some say it’s not necessary, but rotating helps promote even wear to the mattress, whilst not rotating makes depressions and softening more likely.
  • No Jumping – If your mother always told you not to jump on the bed, then she wasn’t wrong. Spring, water and air beds are prone to damage with rough wear, but most things can wear down a lot quicker if you are hard on the mattress and allow it to be jumped upon.


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