The decision of whether to go with a latex mattress or a memory foam one is truly a tough one. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages, it’s important that you make an informed decision on the one you pick so that you know you’ve picked the one that’s best for you and your sleeping needs. You shouldn’t compromise on a mattress that isn’t going to provide you with the support you need, or the comfort you need, or both. If you have the opportunity to choose a mattress that will benefit you, ensuring you have all of the facts before picking makes all the difference, not just to your level of comfort, but your happiness and your quality of sleep too.

Both latex and memory foam mattresses are soft, comfortable and supportive, which is definitely good but there’s a few differences you should be aware of. Memory foam mattresses often create a floating feeling, almost as if you’re sleeping on marshmallows, and they contour well to your body (depending obviously on their thickness). Latex mattresses, while they’re still soft and let you sink into them, have a distinctly springy feel about them, and have a little more bounce than memory foam mattresses can manage. Always good fun if you like to jump into bed.

In addition to this, memory foam mattresses are known to be much more responsive and adaptable to different temperature levels within their environment, changing in levels of hardness according to high or low temperatures. They’re able to be softer and more display more adaptable contouring when in a warm temperature, but when cold they’re not as soft, and less springy. This is one slight drawback, when it’s cold, as you feel less like you’re sleeping on a mattress and more like you’re sleeping on a patch of soft grass (especially if it’s really cold.)

For these reasons, it’s important to take careful consideration when choosing a mattress that you want. Mattresses last for years, and it’s better to have one you like from the start than to have to go out and buy a new one within months of getting it.


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