There’s a huge amount of mattresses available to choose from. This makes finding the perfect mattress for your requirements a difficult task. Our aim at Guide Me To Bed is to make the whole process an easier one, so today’s blog takes a look at the best mattress choices for bad backs.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be the best option for those suffering from joint and back problems as they offer a soft sleeping surface. They provide the extra comfort and padding which many require. They also mould to the contours of your body, quickly springing back into shape afterwards. Due to the extra support, weight is taken off of the sleepers joints. This provides a relaxing sleeping surface for many. This disadvantage of memory foam is many people complain of overheating as they feel they sink “into” their mattress so this is always worth considering. The production can also use a lot of chemicals which can impact the environment.

The other solution is a latex mattress. This offers very similar advantages to that of a memory foam. This means that the support is there, but heat isn’t held like with memory foam. This means that those sleeping on it are less likely to get too hot. We recommend choosing a high quality one though as some cheaper latex mattress can have a poor life span. They are also often very heavy which makes moving them around difficult.

If you’re looking for a mattress which is excellent for you partner too, then choose a high spring count pocket sprung mattress. The high amount of springs means that both parties can get the best comfort possible. Either side can also be a different firmness, so yourself and your partner can have the side to suit your comfort level requirements.


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