With a mattress being such an expensive investment, it’s important to take good care of it. This is why at Guide Me To Bed we have developed an easy to follow guide on cleaning your mattress. So why not give your mattress a spark of new life today?

The first step to take is to get rid of all the dust. This is a really simple step, and is the start to a fresh mattress. Using the upholstery tool on your hoover, go over the surface of your mattress. It’s important to press firmly to make sure you’re getting out, and picking up all the dust that’s built on top of your mattress.

To give your mattress an even fresher feel, you can spray it was antibacterial spray. There are now many different forms which are safe for fabric. Not only will they kill the nasty bacteria’s lurking within the mattress surface, but they’ll also leave it smelling nicer.  Another excellent step to take while cleaning your mattress is to get rid of stains. These will especially be present if you allow your pet in bed with you. With many different safe for use on fabric stain removers available, it’s up to you which one you use. Follow the instructions on the bottle, and your mattress will be feeling fresher in no time.  In addition to these steps, you can also use a steamer while cleaning your mattress. These will help to give it an even better clean, and get out all the dust and dust mites which the vacuum cleaner didn’t quite get.

After you’ve given your mattress a clean, why not protect it? With many different mattress protectors available, these offer an extra barrier between you and the mattress. This can help protect it from further stains, dust as well as spillages. Many are also machine washable, which makes refreshing your mattress as easier as throwing the protector into the wash!

So why not give your mattress a freshen up today? Follow the Guide Me To Bed mattress cleaning guide and feel the luxury of a brand new mattress again.


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