There isn’t actually a scientific answer to this question but from research this is the most natural explanation for getting a “bed head” when you wake up in the morning. As you sleep at night you’ll toss and turn several times, your hair follows the pressure in which it is being pushed at. The angle in which your hair is being pushed is highly likely to be the way in which it look when you awake in the morning. The majority of us suffer from bed heads in the morning, so here are some tips to prevent you from getting a bed head.

Dry Your Hair Before Bed

Your hair is most vulnerable to breaks and splits when it’s wet. By drying your hair before going to bed you’ll soon find that the severity of your bed head will deteriorate and that your hair will feel naturally more healthy when you wake up.

Brush Your Hair

It’s important to detangle your hair before bed as it is crucial in preventing bed heads. Brushing your hair also helps to hydrate your hair too, keeping it more healthy. Therefore, we’d suggest that you brush your hair before going to bed.

Silk or Satin Bedding

We’d recommend sleeping pillowcases made of either silk or satin. Silk and satin don’t absorb the oils in your hair, they allow your hair to move across your pillow without risk of tangling. This makes your hair less vulnerable to bed head.

Use Leave-In Treatments

It has been found that using a leave-in conditioning treatment before bed can be very beneficial for those that suffer heavily from bed heads. You should wake up with your hair feeling hydrated and smooth the next day. You can also use a moderate amount of coconut oil as an alternative option.
In summary, bed heads are simply caused by the position of your head as you sleep, it doesn’t help if you fidget in the night too. The best tips that we can give you to help prevent bed heads is to ensure that your hair isn’t wet when you go to bed and use either silk or satin bedding.

  • Silk pillowcases are great option for solving the bed head problem that the most of us suffer from because they lower the amount of friction that the hair has to go through and thus making our hair look nicer in the next morning.

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